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Whether you’re looking for help with cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, laundry, preparing delicious meals or running errands, our range of cleaning services can ease the pressure and keep your home, business and commercial space exactly the way you like it.

Miriam's Cleaning Services

Airbnb Cleaning Services

Where Cleaning meets Hospitality.


Miriam offers timely cleaning services for AirBnB hosts You need a reliable and affordable cleaning service to prepare your AirBnB listing and create a welcoming experience for your guests. You want a cleaning service that is available on demand, is punctual, and knows what guests appreciate most. Miriam is the cleaning company you’ve been searching for.


Our goal is to take the work out of preparing your AirBnB listing for each new guest.

Commercial Cleaning Services

To ensure that your office building is always a clean, healthy, and safe environment, trust the cleaning experts at ServiceMaster Clean. We provide commercial cleaning services of the highest standards backed by over 65 years of experience.

Whether your company makes its home in an office building, clinic or school, we deliver professional commercial cleaning services that help promote healthy work environments and keep your buildings sparkling.

Residential Basic Cleaning Services

What if we told you we could help you have a cleaner, healthier house or apartment more often, without all the work? Miriam can make it happen. If catching up on housekeeping is now part of your weekend routine, we have a better idea. Let Miriam's handle the housekeeping with one of our popular residential cleaning services so you can reclaim your weekends.


We give you a cleaner home more often with your very own residential house cleaning team of professionals. Every team member is professionally trained, uniformed, licensed, and bonded for your peace of mind.

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